Growth-Centered Consulting

Business Development & Marketing Services for Startups 

Business Development

No product is an island. Your startup needs to find and execute a business development strategy that is relevant to your customer's use and purchase contexts and workflows.

Value Prop Positioning

You have a value proposition – but will it be understood and remembered by your target audience? If you want to survive the competition, it must.

Strategic Insight

Change is the only constant. Your customers adopt new products, new workflows, and new goals. If tackled head-on, that change creates opportunities. If not, that change is a mounting threat.

About Vuact

Owner & Founder

Mikko Jarvenpaa has over 15 years of experience in the business of technology, from Google to startups and management consulting. Mikko has both operated and invested in startups, and has seen two companies through successful exits, most recently Infogram Software to Prezi. See Mikko on Linkedin. 

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