The Basics

  • What is Vuact?

    Vuact is a smarter way to publish and consume video. We overlay our player on top of any modern video platform (Youtube, Vimeo, Brightcove, etc. - if we still don’t support the platform you use, let us know and we will!) and allow viewers to react, comment, find the best parts and watch the video in a much more efficient and interactive way. Publishers, on the other hand, get higher engagement and detailed data, allowing them to optimize their content and increase returns on investment.

  • Who is Vuact for?

    Right now, Vuact is mostly geared towards publishers - from big media outlets to amateur bloggers, or anyone who posts video content to an audience. We are also working on tools that will help general viewers to extract more value out of videos across the web, and those will be available in the near future. Stay tuned!

  • What type of content works best with Vuact?

    Usually, long-form (over 3 minutes), non-fiction content. Some good examples are: interviews, news, sports, educational videos, talks/presentations, some shows, funny videos, etc. Another good application is content testing: even for shorter videos, you can use Vuact to understand how your audience reacts to the content.

  • What's in it for viewers?

    Viewers get the ability to interact with the video content and make their voices heard, in a way that was not possible in the BV period (BV = Before Vuact. Duh!). Also, by reacting and commenting on videos, they get to help the web community to have a better video viewing experience: good karma!

  • Do viewers really interact more?

    Yes. Big time. Initial data show us that the level of interaction with videos using Vuact (reactions + comments) is many times higher (like... 10 to 15 times higher!) than with videos on Youtube, for example.


  • Are the reaction buttons customizable?

    Yes, fully. You can choose the number of reactions (up to 4), text and color. Whatever works better for your content and audience.

  • Can the comments be moderated?

    Yes. Right now, the content owner can delete the comments that, for any reason, shouldn’t be displayed. You can also disable comments altogether, only allowing for viewers to register reactions.

  • How does the Smart Preview™ feature work?

    You have the choice to provide or not provide the Smart Preview™ to your viewers. We use algorithms based on the video duration and distribution of reactions to automatically show the highlights of a video, as chosen by the audience.

  • Are there any CMS plugins available?

    Yes, we have one for Wordpress. Other CMS such as Drupal, Joomla, etc. will be added in the future.


  • How can I integrate Vuact on my site?

    Right now, the easiest way is to paste the URL of the video into your Vuact channel and using the embed code that we create instantaneously. We are also working on an API that will allow you to just paste a snippet of javascript code on your site and everything will be done automagically. Stay tuned! For Enterprise clients, we will work on all custom integrations needed.

  • What video platforms are supported?

    At the moment, we support:
    Wistia support on the way!

  • Do viewers have to create a Vuact account to comment on videos?

    No. While viewers have to be authenticated to comment, it can be done either by integrating with the host’s site user base (in case you have an accounts system) or via common social platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Yahoo! and Disqus.

  • Do you have an API?

    It’s in the works. The first version is coming up soon. If you need to use it, please ask us about it!