Our Guiding Purpose

Vuact combines data with video.

By understanding the context of where and how video is recorded and experienced, we can better understand what is valuable in the video. Vuact lets viewers and video owners see what are the most valuable moments of content in videos. It saves users time and gives video owners better analytics and tools for increasing engagement. 

Vuact's player saves the viewers time and gives them more control about their viewing experience. For the video publishers, the approach creates valuable data and audience analytics that helps in optimizing their content for delivery, distribution and advertising.

The Founders

Mikko Jarvenpaa, CEO

  • Google PMM, HackFwd CMO, Startups
  • MSc Phil Science (LSE), BBA Business
  • 10 years experience in marketing, product management, startups.
  • Advisor & founder, indie filmmaker.

Kalle Korhonen, CTO

  • Open Source committer in multiple Apache projects.
  • Cisco, Latitude, startups; MSc Computer Science
  • 15+ years experience in development, architecture, entrepreneurship.
  • Architected video conferencing, Android enterprise apps.